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Chelsea Flying in for a landing.

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The Chelsea Foundation envisions a bright future for all children to live out their dreams!
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Children need to feel our presence. 
They need to feel safe. 
They need us right now!

Help us to protect our nation's youth 
as we take  Literacy Across Curriculum and work to 
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The Chelsea Foundation is a recognized501(c)(3) that supports elementary school teachers by providing them with the Quality Effort Award (QEA)—a free, online, motivational program. It is designed to be used in the classroom by teachers to help them with motivating their students’ creative thinking, rewarding their earnest efforts, and encouraging their love of reading.

To assist with this, the Foundation has published an online magazine, Chelsea’s Beacon. It is designed to support the QEA program while, at the same time, capture elementary school students’ interest in reading. The magazine is filled with stories about a mystical island which students can visit in their dreams. On the island, they find Chelsea the stork and his friends, delightful animated characters who are the island's residents. These lovable characters have decided to take a serious interest in the well-being of children who live in the United States. Through the stories, the characters work with us to take literacy across curriculum. The animals set an excellent example of what it takes to be a good student; they put their education first, treating it as part of their life adventure.

The Chelsea Foundation also publishes two other online magazines, one for middle school students called Wall Shadows. Its sole purpose is to publish work produced by students that addresses their concerns. 

The second online magazine, soon to be published, is for high school students, The Next Step. It is designed to excite high school students to think more about their next steps after graduation. The mission of this magazine is to encourage students to set goals that include graduation. We want to help them to understand how important graduating is to their future!

In addition, we have The Chelsea Foundation's Official Parenting Blog. It is published to assist parents, and all adults, in building lasting and meaningful relationships with our nation's children…

Please check us out; if you choose to work with us, you will be helping to ensure the future of our nation's children. It is up to us to guarantee our nation's quality of life and level of prosperity for future generations, just as our parents did for us. 

Work with us as we take literacy across curriculum! 

Education offers children the best opportunity to fulfill their dreams; it is not in this nation's best interest to allow so many of our children to become a part of the shadows of nowhere! 

For us to thrive, our children must succeed and do their best. 

Visit The Castle Land Art Gallery and see all of the illustrations created by ARTIST'S for our magazines!